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Hi shame its come to this but we need some advice.We have a gsr for the group who is refusing to carry the consience to area because he disagrees with it.How can we move forward ?


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sack him. that is his only

sack him. that is his only job

wishing you a clean day, 

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principles before personalities

Each group should be autonomous except
in matters affecting other groups or
NA as a whole.
Each group does have complete freedom, except when their
actions affect other groups or NA as a whole. If we check to make
sure that our actions are clearly within the bounds of our traditions;
if we do not dictate to other groups, or force anything upon
them; and if we consider the consequences of our action ahead of
time, then all will be well.

his actions are affecting your group and others.
bring it up at your conscience, let him go.

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