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Help Required - Reading Area

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Help Required - Reading Area


I want to attend meetings in Reading area. Really nervous. Can’t get through to helpline as there is just an message saying it’s engaged and to call back. I’ve been calling for a while. 

Is it possible for someone who attends meetings in Reading area to email / call me to discuss what meeting I should attend. Never been before. 


Thank you and apologies gor posting in wrong place. Typing on a phone and can’t see screen very well.


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Hi Fransolo - sorry not to

Hi Fransolo - sorry not to reply earlier. This forum has been superceded by social media and isn't monitored any more. Apologies also for the Helpline. Sometimes it is busy busy. Did you get to the meeting? If not, don't be nervous. It's very laid back. You'll get a warm welcome. 

wishing you a clean day, 

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