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liability Insurance

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liability Insurance


Does anyone know if NA have Liabilty Insrance or does our area have to take out its own?


Thank you




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Hi Paul,

Hi Paul,

I know that some areas have gon ahead and got their own liability insurance to cover the groups in their area, but the coverage is patchy accross all areas; some can't afford it and some can't bring themselves to pay their way.

Having previously looked and tried to find either the UK regional policy, or a world wide policy but failed to get a simple straight answer (maybe I can't see it, maybe it's not there) I would either;

- cop for having to get it - as a good neighbour we should be insured

- ask the regional steering committee for a definitive statement and policy (it may exist!)

- ask the global folks for their policy for regions and areas

Have fun!

ILF /richard

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Thanks Richard

I have not come across it before. We have just changed venues and the new venue has a contract we have to sign And I was asked if our organisation has its own Insurance polocy or number etc. it's low level stuff IE church hall. I might ask them if they can cover us on their policy if we pay an extra pound. I cant see why we need it. Its not like we are using the hall for acrbatics we are just sitting having a meeting. If some one triped on something in the building surly it would be their cover. Times

are changing. We will ask the region. Thanks for your imput Richard.



Paul B

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This is a re-occuring

This is a re-occuring question. Region have said in the past that no national insurance is viable (but some areas have considered it) & all venues have to have their own insurance anyway, so if they want you to get your own, maybe it's better to find another venue that is more accomodating 

wishing you a clean day, 

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Essex Boy51
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Liability insurance for NA

I am in accord with Richurc and 116.

The cheapest, most efficient, comprehensive approach is to have a single policy to cover all UK NA meetings and events. This policy would have to be approved by UK Region, and negotiated through a specialist broker to ensure it provides appropriate cover.

Under the current system few events or meetings have cover; that cover may not be all that is desired; and it must be more expensive to have multiple policies.

Without cover there is a risk that individual members bear personal liability.

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