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Saying hi

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Saying hi

Hi there, just joined up and wanted to say hello, I'm 38 years old and drugs have been a massive problem in my life for a long time. I started taking drugs at the age of 13, first cannabis, then LSD and mushrooms, by the time I was 17 I started injecting heroin, speed. At 23 I was on my ass and managed to get help via residential rehab and NA meetings, Met my partner and had three boys, I was off the drugs for about 6-7 years before relapsing on cannabis, a few years on and I also started drinking alcohol daily and taking mdma at weekends (not every weekend). Then out of the blue two years ago I got endocarditis, nearly died and now have a metalic heart valuve, started drinking before I even left hospital and not long after that started the cannabis again, one positve was that I stopped smoking tabacco and started vaping, which I still do.

I also suffer with poor mental health and have done since the age of 18, I gave up the drink about 6 months ago and also stopped the weed about 4 weeks ago, unforunatly my mental health got worse and the relationship with my partner has broken down, friday I drank five cans of Stella and passed out at 8pm last night I couldn't sleep and took 10mgs of Valium, and this morning I took 360mgs of condeine phosphate and vaped some weed, I'm on my ass again and needed somewhere to vent so came here.

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sorry not to reply earlier.

sorry not to reply earlier. This forum has been superceded by social media and isn't monitored any more. 

Your story sounds painful, but if you come along to some meetings you'll realize you're not unique. You're not alone. And there is a way to turn it around.

Come along and check it out

wishing you a clean day, 

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