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Helpline: 10.00am - midnight
0300 999 1212

Online Meetings

For members who cannot attend a meeting in person, or Newcomers who aren't yet ready for that, we have virtual (voice only) meetings online - NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Online meetings every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 7.30pm London time

or direct

DESKTOP/LAPTOP USERS: Click on the link above then all you have to do is choose a username & accept when we ask to use your microphone. Firefox is making connection harder - use Chrome or Internet Explorer etc [open one of them, come back to this page on then click on the link above.
If the mic/sound is not working for you, Please remember you need to TURN UP MIC & VOLUME in Skype/Facetime etc, then exit it, before re-entering.

SMARTPHONE & TABLET USERS can download an App called Megameeting (see video below) 
Once downloaded & installed [SKIP the request for an email address, unless you want it to remember you], Click on 'Find Meeting', then, on next page IGNORE the Meeting ID box & scroll down to Domain Name box, type & in the Meeting Name box, type UKNA then press search. You will then be connected.
Any problems please email




SKYPE Meetings

Highlands & Islands Group of Narcotics Anonymous on-line Meetings

We meet 4 times a week and our meetings take place on...
Monday 1:00pm GMT Which is a Just For Today topic meeting and lasts for 60 minutes.
Wednesdays 1:00pm GMT Which is a Step topic discussion meeting and last for 60 minutes.
Thursdays 6:30pm GMT Which is an Illness in Recovery topic discussion meeting. lasts for 90 minutes.
Saturday 6:00pm GMT Which is a Living Clean The Journey Continues topic/share meeting and lasts for 90 minutes.

In order to participate in these meetings you will need to have a Skype account, be showing as online and have sent a contact request to; or alternatively via telephone on 0141 6288262

For more information about participation in and our group's guidelines please see our group website at or you can contact us via email on

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