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Events Page Submission Guidelines:

You must be signed in to be able to add an Event. If you do not have a username/password login, registration is required. This can be done by selecting 'Click to register' at the top right of any page on the UKNA Website.

Uploaded image must be less than 32mb in size and be one of the allowed file types (png, gif, jpg or jpeg). Only ONE image is allowed.

Please use UPPER and lower case letters appropriately. (Example: “John Doe,” not “john doe” or “JOHN DOE”).

Please DO NOT use acronyms or abbreviations, spell out all names, places and venues in FULL.

Enter the event time using the 24-hour clock format (Example: 20.30 NOT 8.30 pm).

Contact details entered in the 'Contact Details' box are kept private and are only used by the Events Co-ordinator should contacting you be necessary. Details will not be published on the website.

Public contact details for the event itself must be entered in the 'Description of Event' text box. A contact number is mandatory. Events that do not have a valid contact number will not be published.
Why not think about getting your Event it's own phone number that can be visible to everyone on this website. Especially useful if your Event may receive many enquiries, not wanted on personal numbers. In these days of 99p sim cards & £10 mobiles, it's viable, & it can be passed on to another committee after your Event.  

Event approval is carried out by the Events Co-ordinator within approximately two days. Newly added and edited events will only appear in the event calendar after they have been reviewed and approved.

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