UKNA COVID-19 Update - 15th October 2021

When holding face-to-face meetings, liaise with your venue to confirm Covid secure risk assessments are in place. Ensure your committee has planned effectively how to carry out Covid secure meetings for the safety of your members.

Different countries within the UK fellowship have different Covid laws, as guidance can vary between England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Suggestions for groups that meet face-to-face.
Has your group…

  1. Read and considered current regional and local government guidance?
  2. Communicated fully with the venue and understood their Covid-19 secure risk assessment and obligations i.e. the maximum number of members allowed (still maintaining social distancing), cleaning procedures etc?
  3. Considered if you need to provide hand sanitisers/masks etc?
  4. Decided whether to serve refreshments, safest ways to collect Tradition 7, and use of our readings etc?
  5. Decided how social distancing guidance will be maintained if necessary, during and outside of the meeting?
  6. Considered how to respond if a member attends displaying symptoms of Coronavirus?
  7. Thought about whether insurance is covered by the venue, or if it is the group’s responsibility.

These will not be the only considerations your group may want to explore during your group conscience. This is not an exhaustive list, rather a starting point. We hope they will be of use.

Some thoughts from Tradition Four “It Works How and Why”

 Through working the steps, we learn that with freedom comes responsibility. In recovery, we become responsible for ourselves. As we accept that responsibility, we see how the Fourth Tradition encourages us to act responsibly as groups and as a fellowship.

 It’s also important to consider how we’re viewed by society…If the public reputation of Narcotics Anonymous is somehow impaired, addicts may die…The Fourth Tradition guides us away from self-centeredness by giving us the freedom to act responsibly as groups.

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